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I have always made art. It is an irrepressible impulse and not a choice.


It's a labour of love and of devotion and I wouldn't give it up for the world.


I have travelled throughout the world and this has influenced the variety of subjects I portray and media I use: oil paint, watercolour, machine-based embroidery, murals, batik and mosaics to name a few.


I love incorporating found images: clip art, hardware catalogues, religious iconography, street art,

as well as reinterpreting iconic artworks, involving long-term flirtations with Hogarth, Botticelli,

Velasquez, Durer, Hokusai and more.


I have a background in community development and activism.

I value curiosity, compassion, integrity, and social justice. 


I am inspired to make art about the best and worst of human nature and the social conditions.

I perpetually navigate the terrain between joy and nihilism.


My life has been an extraordinary adventure, often consisting of peaks and troughs with occasional space in between.

For me, art reaches the places that words can't and helps me stay almost sane this strange bumpy, awesome ride we're all on.


I will make art for as long as I am capable. 

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