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Leon Fernandes is an expressive visual artist weaving sociological, psychological and spiritual intricacies into the fabric of his creations. His journey from evocative hilly landscapes to the intricate stitches of his recent embroideries reveals a fearless challenge to conventional views on subject matter, colour, and media, balancing chaos & order, absurdity & gravitas.

Leon possesses a unique mind that imbues his portfolio with a vast emotional spectrum. Through a lens of stark honesty, insatiable intellectual curiosity, and an unabashed pursuit of joy, he explores the world. His rich Anglo-Australian and Indian heritage profoundly influences his art, masterfully blending religious symbols, and daringly navigating the realms between the sacred and the profane. Beyond his artistic endeavours, Leon's extensive involvement in podcasting, community development, social justice, and activism—especially with individuals facing mental health challenges, LGBTQ+ communities, and drug users—deeply enriches his work.

His provocative piece, "Krishna in Erskineville" (2017), which depicts Krishna engaging with modern vices outside the Imperial Hotel, sparked intense discourse on the pivotal role of art and artists within Australian society.


Leon’s approach to canvas is just as unrestrained, using oils, acrylic, spray paint, machine embroidery, and found fabrics to produce richly textured and layered works.


He lives and works between Newtown, Sydney 

and Coopers Shoot, in Northern New South Wales, Australia.



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