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Spring Awakening
Love letters  to Vincent’s Sunflowers (2017)

Over a captivating six-month journey, my fascination with interpreting Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" blossomed into an obsession. Each painting evolved uniquely, breathing a life of its own, seemingly meandering towards an undefined horizon.

I worked painstakingly on these pieces that nourished me through the darkness of Winter using multiple layers of stencils, impasto and thin veils of oil paint. I couldn’t anticipate of where each painting would go, and each was an adventure and a surprise. The paintings ended up being richly textured, joyous, intense, expressive and symphonic in their complex beauty and ugliness, unafraid to show their dark side. 


This process became a source of joy, and I was happy to lean into the uncertainty of where each painting went. In a nod to the masters who inspired me, I named each painting subsequently in honour of other artists whose spirits they evoked. This adventure became an odyssey; not only an act of creation but also a deeply personal dialogue with the essence of art itself.

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